Bioinformatician (UPM -MTDC Serdang)

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Job vacancy: Bioinformatician, UPM -MTDC Serdang

Job Description

The role of Bioinformatician deals with the mathematical modeling as well as bioinformatics software development based on Semantic Environment. The aims of the project include development of software interfaces and tools that facilitate working with the potentially massive and complex data aggregations involved in sequencing workflows. The project also involves outreach activities aimed at involving a broad spectrum of the biology community.


• MSc degree in IT/Computer Science or related field
• Minimum of 2 years work experience, preferably in Semantics or related industry

Required Skills and Responsibilities

• Experience in Formulation and Designing Mathematical Model based on Drug Development
• Experience in analytical bioinformatics software design and development.
• Familiar and have experience in Semantics
• Good in programming
• Have sufficient amount of knowledge in mathematical algorithm, preferably Hidden Markov Model or related algorithm
• Familiarity with bioinformatics tool development, biological data and system analysis.
• Familiarity with the basic concepts and activities of genetic analysis
• Responsibilities include development of quality scientific software including writing new code and optimizing existing code and algorithms for high performance computing environment.
• Candidate with biological background is encouraged
• For the non-Malaysian or foreigner workers, we need at least 2 years related working experience in related field.
• Good working attitude and able to work without fully supervise by superior
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Possess own transport
• Salary Per Month: Depending on experience
• Department: Bioinformatics

Successful candidates will work either on a 1 year contract or permanent basis.

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