GEOP for Unemployed Graduates

Telekom Malaysia Berhad
To attend Graduate Employability Outreach Programme (GEOP) approximately 200 hours, 7 days a week for 4 weeks (2nd March until 25th March 2011) with morning, afternoon and evening session.


1. Unemployed graduates (graduated from 2009 onwords).
2. Malaysian
3. Diploma or Degree holder
4. Age below 30 years old

This programme will be delivered by Professional Lecturers from MMU at the MMU Melaka Campus for free as this is one of TM’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in developing the nation and free accommodation, meals and allowance.

This 4 week intensive training programme will enable you to maximize your employability by enhancing your capability in the following areas:

1. Use English confidently and as a mean to communicate effectively at the workplace
2. Achieve relevant communication, technical and management skills for the workplace
3. Achieve the appropriate mindset to meet the demands of the workplace.
4. Work effectively either individually or in a group in solving problems

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